DIY Makeup Setting Spray!

I will not pay for spray! Say it with me – i will not pay for spray! hahaha.

So – i have been using various expensive brands of makeup setting sprays & i love them! However, i love them so much, i feel they are gone within minutes… well, maybe a month or less.

Upon doing some research, i discovered you could make your own setting spray to set your work of art.

All you need is three simple ingredients:

9244A-2 bottled-watersdm01!057800006909_B_C_Z-8989

  • Spray bottle ($1.00)
  • Filtered water ($2.00)
  • Pure Glycerin ($5.99)
  • (Optional) Witch Hazel ($2.99)


  1. Add 3/4 filtered water to your spray bottle
  2. Add 1/4 glycerin to your spray bottle
  3. Mix it up!
  4. Voila! Ensure to spray your face in an “X” motion to ensure full coverage & protection of your makeup

Please note: the witch hazel will aid in any stickiness you may find once you apply the solution you created. I find it great as is, but i have combination skin & everyone is different.

I barely used any of my ingredients & i have setting spray for DAAAAAAAYS! It took seconds to make & i’m so excited to test its limits in protecting my face!

xoxo, Pamela

Wedding Wednesday – NY Bridal Week

Helllooooo! Sorry i have been so absent!

Wedding Wednesday has arrived once again – and lucky us, this past week was Bridal Week in New York!

From embellished head pieces, to quite possibly the most beautiful dresses i have ever seen…

Brides of 2014 – it’s going to be an enchanting year!

See below for inspiration!

Head Pieces:



SWOON! Lace & crystal… Ultra-feminine & Ultra-decadent. If your looking for something to replace the traditional veil, or better yet something a little lighter to adorn for your reception!




Halters were a hit! They are an excellent choice for those who feel they need modest coverage, without having to wear sleeves. The above gown is by Amsale & will be available Spring 2014.


Traditional ball gowns have received modern updates in the skirt, adding whimsical fabric & crystal additions. This is no longer your mothers dress! This gown is by Hayley Paige & will be available at Delica Bridal.


This above gown is also by Hayley Paige. (Please note – this is the couture version & the dress to be sold in stores will be much more modest.)


This above gown is by Reem Acra, so simple, but so luxurious!


Lace sleeves, again by Amsale. Perfect for winter weddings, but still light enough for Spring.

I love the direction designers are heading in for 2014! What was your favorite look?

xoxo, pamela

DIY Burlap Wreath

Hi Again!

I’m sure you have seen these wreaths all around town! I know i’ve seen them – being sold for $60.00!



I made mine for close to $20.00!

Here’s how:


photo 1-7 photo 2-8

– 1 wire wreath, $5.99 @ Michaels

– 3 rolls of burlap (5 yards), $3.99 ea @ Michaels

– Floral wire, $1.00 @ Dollarama (this is optional, i just used to secure burlap)


photo 1-8

As you can see above, wrap the burlap through the wires – pretty straight forward hey!?

Keep going, wrapping, pulling, making pretty. If you feel a particular area isn’t secure – bust out your floral wire and tie it to the wire wreath.

 photo 2photo 3-7

There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to it – and its super fun!

photo 4-3

Once you have completed your wreath – add anything to embellish your wreath & make it yours!

Happy Wreath Making!

xoxo, pamela

Wedding Wednesday – Winter Inspiration

9f522980c7eb217ceb3113e1f7f06b30Winter Weddings…. One word comes to mind: Whimsical!

If you can get past dropping temp’s… you can fall in love with the idea’s below.

Forget your mother’s ideas of snowflakes and fur for your winter wedding & consider elements that contrast the snow!

I find a lot of brides really limit themselves based on the season their wedding falls in (i completely did this too!). Your wedding should always reflect your style as a couple, don’t let a little snow rob you of your ideas!


Have you thought of mixing a jewel tone color? So hot right now – They compliment neutral colors & add some flair to your decor.




Forget the flowers. Okay – i know that’s crazy… Let’s think of minimizing them. Try a succulent bouquet. Durable & green – something winter doesn’t see a lot of! And if you play your cards right – you could totally salvage your succulent bouquet into a terrarium to keep & admire in your home!



Decor Elements & Personal Touches:

Combine sparkle & nature – the best part of winter weddings is the elegance that comes along with them. Utilize pinecones (free & easy to find here!), paint them gold, or incorporate them with shiny things!


Bottom Line – don’t let cold weather steal your shine!

xoxo, Pamela

p.s. Sorry for my delay’s in blogging! My husband was building me a hair salon in our basement all weekend – so naturally i have been nesting there since monday! haha – photos will be up soon!

DIY Chevron Pumpkin

Fall is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite time of the year.

PSL’S (pumpkin spice lattes…), PUMPKIN PIE & PUMPKIN CARVING!

This article last year from Chatelaine Magazine got me freaking jazzed for this year’s fall festivities!

But what could i paint on a pumpkin!? CHEVRON, of course! Here is how i did it below!


  • Pumpkin of your choosing (Bigger is easier folks!)
  • 2 Paint colors of your choice
  • Paint brushes with flat heads
  • flyers or newspapers to protect your working surface
  • Carpenters pencil (But a regular pencil will work just fine)

Let’s get painting!

Paint your entire pumpkin your “base” color… or in other words – the color you want to see more of. I suggest using your darker color, but alas, this is your canvas, not mine!

photo 1-6Wait 12-24 hours for your pumpkin to dry. Draw the below on your pumpkin.


As you can see above… its just horizontal lines, followed by vertical lines (so your pumpkin will look like it has a bunch of squares on it) – Then you will draw a diagonal line, switching directions in each box. If you look closely, you can see you have already formed your chevron pattern. Here is what mine looked like below… Don’t judge…. haha

photo 2-7

Now… if you look realllllllly closely above – you can faintly see my chevron lines… yes – i failed the first time i tried, that’s why mine looks like a bunch of ziggity zags & garbage. But i hope this helps you get the idea! (besides – the super tiny cute white pumpkin i found should probably get me some points)

I then used my second color to paint my chevron pattern! ET VOILA! Let it dry & your pumpkin is ready to be seen by the world!

photo 3-6


– Feel free to use painters tape, im sure by now you know how patient i am… and painters tape is for the patient person… not pamela.

– Instead of carving into this precious work of art – i am going to dump all that gunk out, clean it out real good… then the hubby and i are going to drill holls in it (keeping in the chevron pattern of course!) and put a candle inside.. it will look like this (except still as fabulous as my original creation):



I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of pumpkins from me this month!

xoxo, Pamela

Motivational Monday & FREE STUFF!

Happy Monday!

This ginger had a very productive weekend…. Er’ i mean my husband did a lot of building for me! (I’ll share later this week!)

Alas! Today is Monday & i thought i’d share some motivation on the blog, and also share some that can go with you… see below!




Now, as promised, here is some Motivation to go! FREE Iphone Wallpapers! Follow the links (check out the blogs too!) & click save/download on the image you love! Here are some samples of what you will see below!

Soup Design

SD_iphone_mustard SD_iphone_red





Enjoy your Monday – And stay tuned later today for a Chevron Pumpkin DIY!


xoxo, pamela

Fake it Friday – Baking Addition!

So – i’m sure we all have these friends, that are reaaaallllly good at baking things… However, i know that is not something my friends are saying about me!

I recently saw an episode of The Social on CTV, and i actually peed my pants… i thought i was the only person faking desserts? (But seriously – check the link out, these are such cute & more importantly, easy ideas!)

Anyways, rewind to the beginning of September… One of my good friends was having a birthday in which was beach themed. I wanted to offer to make something, and before i knew it i already had… Luckily, that same evening my husband & i went to the grocery store and i had an idea…. WHAT IF…. i order a cake that already looks like a beach…. then i don’t have to bake anything… and i can just add some personal touches from there?

My husband thought i was nuts. But we ordered it, and a few days later we picked it up and i added some cars, some beer candles… and well, you can see what transpired below:


Shout out to my local Sobey’s! This cake used to be a Little Mermaid cake… i asked them to 86′ the mermaid & throw in some extra palm trees… and they thought it was hilarious. I found the chocolate cars at dollarama (of course) & then i used teddy grahams in peach rings for the tiny bear beach goer’s! Topped it off with some cute little bunting & some crumbled graham crackers (for sand effect of course!) and VOILA!

So next time your feeling like a failure, just fake it – don’t bake it! hahaha!

But seriously, if you want to order the most delicious, affordable, amaaaazing cupcakes & cakes in town, you should probably call Devine Cupcakes… Ashlee is amazing at what she does. Her cupcakes were such a hit at our wedding, and she always saves me when im in a dessert pinch! Take a look below at some of her latest projects!



I absolutely adore her work!

Have a good weekend fakers!

xoxo, pamela

DIY Coffee Table Update

Happy Friday!

Today i am going to share a project that really challenged me. Lately, i have been really in love with the “barn chic” look… which, if you know me is a far cry from my normally modern tastes.

Naturally, during this project my A-Type self had major issues with “weathering” an item with clean lines. However, i have to say i am quite pleased with the finished project, as well as the way it fits in with our evolving style at home.

*Note – this project is messier than it looks & i can assure you it DOES stain, so take your time and ensure you are protecting all of your work surfaces.

Luckily, i had an unfinished wood coffee table we were using outside, so i didn’t have to strip any paint or varnish off. If you do need to do this step, Pinterest & Google have many well reviewed instructions on how to do so. But – i can’t stress enough, ensure your furniture item is made entirely of wood as this process won’t work on anything else.

I created a stain using things i already had in my house. To be honest, i had little faith in these items, but it was pretty neat seeing it happen! Here is a list of everything you need, and below that are photos of my experience :)

DIY Wood Stain:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 glass container with a lid that screws on (you will be shaking it up later!)
  • 1/4 Cup used coffee grounds (Make sure you didn’t throw today’s out!)
  • 1-2 Cups Vinegar
  • Steel Wool (000 Grade is reccomended so that it will break apart, but honestly – mine came from the dollar store & worked just fine!)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Drop cloth, or an old sheet
  • A well ventilated area to work on your project
  • Hand sander, or Sanding paper

photo 1

Let us Stain! Instructions:

  1. Place your steel wool, i just ripped off one piece (basically a palm full) and place it in your glass container.
  2. Measure 1/4 cup of your coffee grounds and place in your container.
  3. Measure 1-2 cups (I used 2 cups) and pour into the container.
  4. Let it sit overnight, it will be ready for use in the morning.
  5. Lightly sand your unfinished wood product & have a good night’s sleep! ZzZz….
  6. Get your rubber gloves ready, because it’s time to stain! Open the lid & swish around the mixture with your protected hands.
  7. Place your drop sheet down (i used flyers & failed miserably….)
  8. Remove the steel wool from the container & use this as your paint brush. It is what has absorbed all the tint, so you must use this & not dip another brush or sponge in the solution as it won’t work very well.
  9. Follow the wood grain & stain, stain, stain! Once completed the entire item, wait 20 minutes & apply again.
  10. I ended up applying 3 coats, but if you wanted a darker stain.. apply more coats.
  11. Let it dry overnight. TIP – I let mine dry on our deck… mistake…frost…devestating. haha, it wasn’t the end of the world, however it wasn’t dry… it was soaked with morning dew and stain. If this happens to you, please know your finished item will be lighter than anticipated.
  12. Once it is dry, lightly sand your item & wipe down with a damp cloth to ensure any excess stain is removed.
  13. Enjoy your new piece of furniture!

Here is a photo journey of this project! Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

The finished product:
photo 4-1

photo 5

photo 2-4

Before: (Not ugly, just didn’t really fit in with our floors & furniture)

photo 1-1

During: (DON’T use flyers… just use an old sheet or a drop sheet from the dollarstore.)

photo 2

  • Fun fact: you can use apple cider vinegar (just skip the coffee grounds) & it will give you more of a lighter grey tone… like driftwood perhaps?
  • You really should seal your wood once your stain has completely dried, i haven’t yet, but i will be looking into one soon & i’ll let you guys know!

i hope you enjoyed this tutorial… i am not a patient person & i somehow managed to stay with this one!

xoxo, pamela

Diaper Cake DIY

Hey ya’ll!

I thought i’d share this old post with you as i’ve been getting questions from friends on how they would go about making a diaper cake.

Last year, one of my dear friends had the most beautiful baby! So naturally – for his baby shower, i had to try to conquer the task of creating a diaper cake.

Here is mine below – along with instructions to get the job done!

diaper cake

Diaper Cake Supply List:

  • 1 package of newborn diapers (i believe i used 36)
  • 1 bag of large elastics
  • 1 cardboard cake stand (The dollarstore sells these)
  • ribbon of your choice (I used 3 kinds, Large, small & curling ribbon)
  • baby accessories to decorate your cake (i used burp cloths, stuffed animal)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear wrapping to present your gift

Diaper Cake Instructions:

  1. Assemble your cake stand.
  2. Place your diapers like tiny pie pieces around each tier. When in place, stretch an elastic around them where you will be attaching your ribbon. (This is the hardest part, and it wasn’t so bad now was it?)
  3. Wrap your largest ribbon around the elastic on the diaper and secure it once on the back, and once on the front with the hot glue gun.
  4. This is the fun part! Decorate your cake! I then took the smaller ribbon and glued it in the middle of the large one as seen above. I then proceeded to tie the accessories on the cake.
  5. For the larger stuffed animal, i glued a tiny piece of cardboard to his bum & glued ribbon to it so that i didn’t have to glue any diapers.
  6. Once done, i wrapped it with the clear wrapping to present my finished cake! (You can see my dog Newton checking it out!)

Overall – it probably cost me close to $40.00 (diapers ain’t cheap! – but i’m not a crazy couponer) & took me only about an hour to make!

Try it! It’s a thoughtful, yet very practical gift!

xoxo, pamela


Wedding Wednesday – Decor Trends

Good Morning! As promised last week – Wedding Wednesday would be devoted to wedding decor.

Today, lets stick with our pantone color of the year (Emerald Green) for 2013!


I have compiled a chunk of inspiration for you below with ideas on how you can utilize this high fashion color to create the wedding of your dreams… without making it appear to be a St.Patricks Day explosion.


Now, Rule numero uno when utilizing a high fashion color in your wedding scheme… NO OVERKILL. Use neutral colors that compliment your focal color, so that it can shine. What compliments Emerald? See below:

Emerald, Peach & Ivory –  It’s a feminine touch to a bold color & peach looks excellent next to ivory which i’ve highlighted above. I feel this is palette really allows you to have a little bit more freedom with personal touches!


Emerald, Peach, Gold & Mint – This is like the above palette with a touch of glam!


TIP – Don’t limit yourself! Set aside some time for yourself at the hardware store & browse the paint section. Remember, paint swatches are free & they are an excellent way to get inspired!

OKAY! So now that we’ve had some fun playing with palettes, let’s look at different elements of a wedding & how we might incorporate Emerald!

Tablescape Inspiration:



Simple, yet so elegant.

  • If you don’t have the budget for those lovely gold chargers, have you thought of purchasing gold paper doilies? (Check out these – at amazon!)
  • Finding a caterer with Emerald napkins may be a challenge, if so – how about Emerald ribbon tied around a white napkin?
  • Table Numbers – have you checked out Please do! They offer many templates for table numbers, all in the hottest trend colors!

Cake Inspiration:




I die for this cake. It’s a perfect example of how to incorporate two of the hottest trends, Emerald & Ombre.

  • If your trying to be budget savvy, why not have a white cake made by a relative who is handy? And head on down to michaels, or the dollar store and find yourself some green butterflies? Family & Friends love to be a part of weddings, allow them to help!

Lastly, have you thought of a photobooth? This is something you can easily create on your own! Trust a responsible friend, or family member… hand them a camera… and make yourself a backdrop! Take a look at this one below!


You never know where you might find inspiration for your color palette! Be different & try new things, remember your wedding doesn’t have to be cookie cutter, it should be all about you & your partner!

xoxo, pamela